Every Five Penny Floral bride is unique and deserves to have her wedding day custom-designed and executed. 


For this reason, we do not offer set bridal packages because every bride is different. At Five Penny, we treat each and every one of our brides with one-on-one, individualized care to craft the perfect designs for your wedding, without that cookie cutter feel.

Wedding Florist Joshua Knight creates gorgeous custom wedding bouquets in Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a detail-oriented person, so in getting to know you, I learn all the details from which to design a spectacular day for you, your groom and your guests. Getting inside your head helps me understand your process and what is important to you. No matter what you’re thinking or envisioning, even if you think it silly or trivial, I want to know. This helps me in the design process, and in knowing you, I am better able to suggest things that may be an amazing fit for your wedding.  

I have a very organic process when working with my clients. I pride myself in being able to communicate my ideas, while making sure that you are included in the entire process. From choosing a color palette to the finest details of your bouquet, I want you there and involved in designing your special day.  

I love getting to know my clients – it’s one of my favorite things about what I do. They are all beautiful, talented, funny and amazing. Each one leaves a distinct impression on me, and teaches me something new.  


“My wedding bouquet absolutely stole the show. Everyone kept saying how amazing the bouquet smelled. I LOVED THE GRASSES and so did both my moms-in-law! Your flowers around the chuppah were drop dead gorgeous, the highlight of the ceremony and all of our wedding photos (my dad has already posted a million photos on Facebook). The little china vases and the burgundy dahlias were so beautiful with the ladders with hanging lights above.

It was like a dream. I got to brag all week that my florist is a farmer and a baker and self-made entrepreneur. What other bride has someone grow their dahlias for them?? Thank you for spoiling me!


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- the process -

Step One Wedding Floral Design in Utah



I ask my clients to send me “homework” that helps me understand your tastes. I want to see what you envision in a perfect floral design – colors, textures, design, form and content. This gets me inside your head to see what you like, which is crucial for my design process.

Step Two Wedding Floral Design in Utah

Step 2


During our consultation, whether it be in person or over-the-phone, I like to set aside a good amount of time to discuss your floral goals, design and theme. I am all about personal communication – it helps develop trust, respect and a great working relationship. In our consultation, we will establish a budget, schedule an estimate delivery, set forth a plan for the day of the wedding and create a design to fit your floral needs. 

Step Three Wedding Floral Design in Utah

Step 3


While you are collecting addresses, scheduling your final dress fitting and dealing with your crazy mother-in-law (I jest), I am working hard on the details of your special day. I am gathering vases, supplies, candles, calling suppliers to make sure your peonies will be there on time and making sure your day goes off without a hitch. 

Step Four Wedding Floral Design in Utah

Step 4


I am here to make sure everything goes smoothly and flawlessly. You will most likely think back to all of the questions I asked during our consultation, and it will finally all make sense today! As you will see, all of our emails, texts, phone calls and design talks culminated in an absolutely perfect day. 



$1,500 minimum 

After our initial meeting and discussion, I create a custom floral design package for all of my clients. This includes colors, themes, flowers and overall look and feel of your day. Based on your unique vision and goals, I will put together a complete and informative budget that encompasses the entire floral design for your one-of-a-kind day. 

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If I could leave ten stars I would! Everyone I've talked to at Five Penny has been super helpful and accommodating, and Joshua consistently creates beautiful arrangements above and beyond what I could have hoped for, often on pretty vague descriptions on my part. But the icing on the cake was when recently, with probably too short notice, he was able to find a particular flower (which was out of season and impossible to find anywhere!) that was part of my mom's wedding bouquet, for an arrangement for my parents' 40th anniversary, and which subsequently brought her (and, tbh, I believe my dad as well) to tears. I now look for reasons to send people flowers, just so I can enlist Joshua to work his magic!!”


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 Ready to create magic together?